Big Spoon

Mindful Cooking App @ General Assembly
‍UX/UI Design  |  Figma, Miro, mouseflow  
May - Aug 2023

Project Context
What started out as an idea to reduce the anxieties of budgeting turned into an app aimed to help users find comfort in the kitchen and encourage a more mindful approach to cooking!
Problem Statement
How might we help individuals find comfort in cooking and embrace being in their kitchen more?
Initial User Survey (around the idea of budgeting)
The first survey was designed to evaluate how people feel about budgeting their finances. One of the questions I asked was:

"What type of things do you save for?"

Responses included:
  • restaurants/take-out
  • groceries
  • concerts and events
  • clothes and makeup
  • vacation and travel
  • gas and car insurance
19 out of 31 participants mentioned saving money for food
💡Aha! Moment (pivot from budgeting to cooking)
The responses from the survey inspired me more granularly in this space! How can I help people embrace their kitchen a little more so that cooking feels like less of a burden and more of an enjoyable and comforting activity (all while saving money)?
Secondary User Interviews
I revised my previous survey and created a new one to evaluate whether or not people cook their own meals and why. One of the survey questions I asked was: "Do you cook? Why or why not?"

Responses as to "why" included:
  • "it's healthy and fun"
  • "it's cheaper than eating
  • "it's a fun hobby"
  • "I learn new skills"
  • "it saves me money!"
Responses as to "why not" included:
  • "I don't like the clean up process"
  • "grocery shopping is stressful"
  • "the cooking part itself (ugh)"
  • "planning complicated recipes takes too long"
In a working session with my peers, we all presented our survey findings and had the opportunity to give and receive feedback.

Iterate & Design
Lo-Fi Wireframing
After I synthesized the survey responses, I had a clear idea of what features I wanted to include in the app. During the wireframing process, the goals I focused on included:
  • Find a way to help people discover a mindful approach to cooking and being the kitchen
  • Help users gain new skills and cooking techniques
  • Build and improve user's relationships with their kitchen to create a more meaningful experience
  • The lo-fidelity wireframes below illustrate the thoughts I had around the main features and functions of the app.

The wireframes I created informed the general look and feel I wanted the app to have as well as what its functionalities would be. I wanted to focus on two main features to help people feel more comfortable about the ingredients they shop for and feel more confident in the kitchen. It's all about the mindful approach to cooking and breaking down those barriers!

Feature 1
Explore and Learn

This feature provides the user the opportunity to explore a foundational set of skills but also help build their own guide to cooking in their kitchen!

Feature 2
Photo Identification and Information

This feature allows the user to directly interact with the items in their kitchen, or in the stores as they peruse the shelves, and to learn about more than just the nutritional facts.