DART Transit Study

Stylized report for the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART)
Graphic Design | Adobe Illustrator & InDesign | ArcGIS Pro
December 2021 - March 2022
Project Context
The DART Transit Optimization Study (TOS) helps determine the best way for DART to serve the Greater Des Moines region and ensure that a system of coordinated mobility options meet the region's needs in a rapidly evolving transportation landscape.

The task was to transform this technical study into a stylized narrative report for stakeholders to review. As the sole design lead, I created the infographics, iconography, page layouts, and  stylized maps for the entire report, which are included below!
Data Visualization
Isometric Graphic
The client wanted to tell a story through graphics about how each component of the DART system are part of a larger whole. This isometric graphic visually depicts the design principles that frames the way the different layers of improvements fit together and reinforce one another.
Transit System Map
The first map spread in the book depicts the existing DART system categorized by route types in the region. It also highlights zones that are focal points for potential opportunities to enhance the transit network.
Ridership Map
It was important as well to illustrate the average daily ridership numbers to identify potential patterns between weekday and weekend activity. The ridership map below shows areas of higher concentration of riders where the bubbles are larger, which indicate potential areas for improvement or potential development for public transit opportunities.
Graphic Design
Branding Guidelines
To support the data behind the study, the client wanted to ensure that the full book followed the brand guidelines and had a cohesive and bold impact on those who read it. The following are examples of graphic design applications using the DART grand guidelines.
To I created custom iconography that fit the DART branding guidelines.
To I created custom iconography that fit the DART branding guidelines.
Below are a couple examples of layouts that I designed in order to fit all the necessary information for each section.

This document design task is a huge personal accomplishment. I was able to translate a dense technical transit study into a visually compelling narrative that illustrates the opportunities for transit development and enhancement in the DART region! I was challenged in my design skills and gained confidence in my ability to tell a story through graphic design and data visualization.